GDC Left Behind

NOTE: Tuesday Venue Moved To Guildford
NOTE: Friday Venue Moved To The Book Club

GDC is almost here! Hordes of badge-donning game developers will arise from their caves and take over the streets of San Francisco. I, however, have not been let out of my cage and am stuck back here in London. There’s no reason that those of us who have been left behind can’t have a great time as well. I’d like to propose the second annual GDC Left Behind. This year, I’m choosing a venue for each night of the week where game developers can congregate and inspire each other in this crazy world of games we live in. Here’s a first pass of venues and themes. The themes are just random and feel free to come even if you have no interest in the theme of the night. I was thinking about 7ish each night, but show up when you want and just look for beards and pony tails.

Monday (March 5th)
The Crown in Angel
Let’s join #LondonIndies at the Crown in Angel. This is a monthly meetup on the first Monday of each month. Come talk games with some of the best and the brightest of the UK’s indie scene.

Tuesday (March 6th)
Upstairs at The Three Pigeons in Guildford
Come upstairs and join @wiggo and the rest of the Guildfordish games scene at the Three Pigeons. Jump into yet another argument about new versus old: whether the 3DS and the Vita have a place in a smart phone world, whether Next Gen is already dead in the water.

Wednesday (March 7th)
Old King’s Head in Hoxton
Come talk real world games at Old King’s Head in Hoxton. Just across the street in the Makielab offices, you might be able to get a glimpse of the 3d printing mayhem as well as some awesome board game madness as part of their monthly Wizard Wednesdays. Who knows what you might find–a overly aggressive game of Catan or a fully costumed LARPing session in progress.

Thursday (March 8th)
Tram Depot in Cambridge
@docky will be hosting this event. Meet up to talk experimental games, game jams, and making stuff just because it’s awesome. Bring a laptop along and get some competitive Hexagon action going. Or sit down and just start building something with a beer or two for inspiration.

Friday (March 9th)
The Book Club
Anything goes. It’s Friday and you’ve had a long week while everyone else has been off bathing in the beautiful California sun. Drop by and relax, reminiscing on the wonderful week we’ve had at GDC Left Behind.

If you have any recommendations for better venues, especially venues that’ll be less busy, let me know and we’ll see if we can swap some out. If you have better ideas for themes or think I should just shut up and drop the themes let me know. If you’d like to move any of the nights out of East London, that’d be pretty awesome too. Anyway, if you have any suggestions or ideas or anything like that, drop me a line.

See You, Space Cowboy

  1. Doh I haven’t made it to any of these yet, but my excuse is I’ve been sorting out a BAFTA London event for next week, which I hope it’s OK to mention here – the night before the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards, you can find out about the experiences of this year’s Dare To Be Digital finalists, plus expert opinions on how to pitch their (and your) game prototypes, including Abertay University’s £25,000 grant for small companies developing interactive digital content.

    Plus of course a chance to play the winning games, meet other indie developers, and a bar! Free sign-ups here, hopefully see some of you next Thu!

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